On Being A Christian

On Using Technology In Business

Website Development Process

Following is how to create your own client focused website. Define Client Focus For Your Business You complete the customer focused questionnaire We review your completed questionnaire You revise your responses We now have the foundation that defines success for your client focused website and you have a foundation for migrating all of your business […]

About Client Focused Websites

Client Focus Builds Loyalty Ask yourself, what would be different if I put clients at the center of my website? Here are a few things that would be different… Demonstrates your value People get to know like and trust you faster Increased income Displays your willingness to share Confidence you’re representing yourself well Confidence you’re […]

See God In Nature

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made… Romans 1:20 NASB. Photo Source: Unsplash

Writing an Effective Body in Your Posts

Writing an effective post is important, isn’t it? First, there is writing an effective headline or title. Got it. Second, there is writing an effective opening. Got that too. What’s next? Writing an effective body in your post.

Writing Effective Openings For Posts

There’s only one chance at an opening. We want to make it count. We want it to be memorable. We want to make it conversational. We want it to be sharable. We want people to tell their friends about it. The question is – does it? Is your opening, well… eye opening.

Let God Decide Who You Touch

How do you get people to read tweets? Or Facebook posts? Or blog posts? Sometimes it’s so frustrating. We post what we think is worthy and very few people share it.