The Angel In Us


I was reading the other day and a statement struck me and made me pause.

It went something like this… Oftentimes when God sends an angel, it is a person.

Maybe a friend or maybe a complete stranger. More »

What about you?


Jesus tells us to be His witness. See Acts 1:8.

Note that He does not say “I suggest you…”

or “make sure you take special training so you can be…”

No, this opportunity is open to all of us. More »

Someone is Calling You

your tribe needs help

Could someone you know be…?

Lord, I’m broke. I need Your help.

Be still and know that I am God.



That’s not helping me. I don’t have enough money to pay the bills.

What am I to do. More »

Changing the Heart #2


A man was driving through the country side and came upon a small general store and gas station.

He decided to stop and fill up.

After he topped of the tank, he went in the store and looked around for a while. More »

You are a Type of Moses

Humility is the strength to serve

Are you humble?

Jesus was.

Just what is humility?

Look it up in a dictionary. It means modesty, lack of pride, or submissiveness.

I’m not so sure this is how Jesus look at humility.

Jesus looks at humility as placing the needs of others in front of our needs. More »

We are God Strong #1


Everything was peaceful.

People went about their business normally.

There was plenty to eat.

And the people were able to worship their God.

But something went wrong.

Attitudes changed.

People moved away from God toward idols. More »

Changing the Heart #1


In our outreach we constantly deal with change.

We are always on the look out for people going through difficult change.

This is when we bring the peace of Christ to them.

This is our message of God’s grace. More »

Dealing with People who Say No – The Sower #6

Our field

What should we do about the people who turn away?

Most people we meet or those we connect with on social media do not get involved in our ministry.

When we’re getting started or we’re just in need of more participants we begin to chase people that have said no to us. More »

It’s All About Grace #2

God's grace

God’s grace is available to everyone who believes.

God forgives us. We must forgive others.

God shows us mercy. We must show mercy to others.

God gives us love. We must give love to others.

Jesus was humble. More »

How to Develop Your Goals

Planning with God in charge

Blessed is the person  who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my doorposts. Psalm 37:34.

When we pray, God is listening to us.

Psalm 37, tells us that God speaks to us; he has to in order for us to be able to listen to Him. More »