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The Hummingbird Effect

Attracting hummingbirds is a popular hobby. There’s a process and it just may give us incites about business. First, you need a hummingbird feeder. All such feeders have one thing in common – all or part of them is red because hummingbirds are attracted to red. Upon assembling the feeder it is time to fill… Keep Reading »

Why Your Why Is Important

Knowing and articulating the “why” of your business is most important. In the video below Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership using the golden circle and the question “Why?” Do you know your why? Building a trusted circle of experts and other business owners who can collaborate with you is… Keep Reading »

Building Alliances

A most powerful vehicle for small and medium business to generate exceptional sales levels is by growing strategic alliances. Entrepreneurs realize they are going to need help to be successful. One way they are finding help is through the formation strategic alliances. What is an alliance? An alliance is a cooperative agreement with one or… Keep Reading »

Developing Device Responsive Websites