Desire is Real


Desire is real.

Desire can be good.

Desire can be bad.

Depends on the object of the desire.

Many desire pleasure.

They seek it. They crave it.

It takes hold of their mind. More »

Go as a Witness

go-as-a witness-for-the-lord

Go! it’s been there a long, long time.

Almost two thousand years.

We know it as the Great Commission.

There is Matthew 28, Mark 16 and Acts 1.

Jesus tells us to Go as a witness. More »

Jesus Sends Us to the Harvest #2


Jesus send us. Jesus anointed them as apostles which means messenger.

He gave them their orders.

As Jesus sent them; Jesus sends us.

Go to the lost sheep of Israel – they are the priority. More »

Walls Obstruct Our Work


The walls were thick. how were they to penetrate them? It was impossible.

Well then the impossible happened.

They had to duck their heads and cover them.

There was debris falling everywhere.

The walls were crumbling before their eyes. More »

Consistency is Key to Tribe Building


Consistency is a trait we all share.

We want to be consistent with our decisions.

When we make a decision making a commitment to do something. We act in accordance with that commitment. More »

Jesus Sends Us to the Harvest #1


Jesus sends us. Have you been called to go by Jesus?

Have you prayed to be sent?

Are you ready to go?

Do you have authority to minister?

Have you been anointed?

Jesus told His disciples to pray the God of the Harvest to send laborers. More »

How Faith Restores People


Faith restores us.

Behold, it happens.

Out of no where someone comes to you and says, “I am _____ please help me.

Fill in the blank.

Hungry? Afraid? Out of gas?

Could be anything. More »

Why Serve all People

serve all peoples

Why should anyone do something for you or me? Why should someone humble themselves and serve you or me?

Is there something special about you?

Even if you ask nicely why should someone serve? More »

Key Components of a Website-Blog


Read this post to find the content types you need.

Your website-blog has to be visitor friendly.

People need to able to quickly access the information they want.

Stay tuned, I’ll update this from time to time. More »